intertwines, intertwining, intertwined
1) V-RECIP-ERG If two or more things are intertwined or intertwine, they are closely connected with each other in many ways.

[be V-ed] Their destinies are intertwined...

[pl-n V] Three major narratives intertwine within Foucault's text, `Madness and Civilisation'...

[V n with n] He intertwines personal reminiscences with the story of British television...

[V with n] Her fate intertwined with his. [Also V pl-n]

2) V-RECIP If two things intertwine, they are twisted together or go over and under each other.

[pl-n V] Trees, undergrowth and creepers intertwined, blocking our way...

[V-ed] Even the towels were embroidered with their three intertwined initials. [Also V with n]


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